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Djangos Trip

Djangos Trip

Bielsko-Biała, Polska

Django's Trip to zespół powołany do życia w 2014 roku z potrzeby serca. Nazwa zainspirowana filmem Django w reżyserii Quentina Tarantino. Dziewięcioro pasjonatów z rozbudowaną sekcją rytmiczną oraz sekcją dętą określili swój styl jako hot & fire. Inspiracje czerpiemy z całokształtu muzyki reggae - soul - jazz. Zespół zagrał kilkanaście koncertów live, bardzo przyzwoicie i ciepło odebranych przez publiczność, oraz koleżanki i kolegów muzyków pasjonatów. Początkiem 2016 roku podczas WOŚP zaprezentowaliśmy przedpremierowo swoje dokonania artystyczne live i po reakcjach zauważyliśmy bardzo dobry odbiór, co spowodowało podjęcie decyzji o wydaniu płyty długogrającej.

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PROMOMIX nadchodzącej płyty

Wszystkie nagrody realizowane będą, po zakonczeniu projektu PolakPotrafi, do premiery w styczniu 2017.


English Version.

An ansamble under the name Django’s Trip has decided to put out a debiut original LP as a result of two year cooperation through which they reached a musical awakening. To this point they have managed to gather professional high end instrumental and backline set, songs have been arranged, the rough drafts of all numbers have been recorded. They have spent literally hundreds of hours in rehearsal jam sessions the point of which was to think through each detail.

They have played concerts counted in double digits. The next step is mix and master of their tracks, allowing them to take a physical form, and a music video. The plan is being realized in steps with a benchmark set in January of 2017 when they should premiere their product for a live audience. They have decided to realize the final stages of their project with the crowd funding platform PolakPotrafi as it is set based on clearand simple rules , permitting them to remain independent and consciously creative, while true to their nature. 

Django’s Trip is a band called to life in 2014 from sole heart desire to create and share music and passion for the fine arts. The spiritual founder of the band’s ideology is the man bring the good word indefinitely- Bob Marley, the reggae culture along with a school of thought loosely based on these symbols. Django’s Trip is a gathering on fine individuals who have found their way in music, each with varied, though never in intensity, musical experiences. Inspired by reality, widely understood jazz with all the suggestive undertone, soul music, as well as of course REGGAE which has the power to change the world, and more.


Natalia Ka

 Born in Germany, found her flavor in the USA, and spiced it up with some Jamaican One Love. In 2013 fate brought her to Bielsko-Biała, Poland, with a heart on her sleeve. Exceptional charisma and soothing vocals cause volcanic eruption of positive energy on stage, and off. 

Angelika Wróbel drums

She is the one responsible for the rhythm and the heart beat. Graduated from the Music Academy Secondary school in Bielsko-Biała with a percussion instrument profile. Angelika holds the key to time and rhythm. Recent trips to the United States and Denmark opened her horizons to creating sound alongside the rest of us.   

Janusz Zalewski rythm guitar 

A man with an answer to virtually every question considering music. Passionate composer, creator and a teacher, but most of all the embodiment of peace and serenity. 

Dorian Borek keyboards

An individual whose life has been connected to music from the earliest moments. A passionate musician with an impeccable approach and rich musical background.

Tomek Kinecki percussion instruments

The McGayver of percussion instruments. A man of great knowledge with a humane attitude. Along with his instruments he’s crossed half the world. 

Paweł Kamiński saxhopne

Jazz musician. Studied Jazz and Stage music at the Music Academy University in Katowice. Incredibly irresistible sound. 

Marcin Malarz trumpet

Profesional trumpeteer who studied at the Music Academy University in Katowice. Lives in the Capitol where he remains a profesional musicial. A true music conesouir. 

Andrzej Danek trombone

A profesional musicial. Graduated from the Music Academy Secondary School in Bielsko-Biała with a trombone profile. A positive soul with quite a resume of musical collaborations. 

Daniel Wysocki bass

A bass player with a plan. The father of the band, and the man who holds us all together when life starts to give. Sound is his profession and diligence his religion.


Django's Trip - budget.


Production of the ten tracks for the LP - Done

Slide recording in the “Heaven Studio” - Done

Music Video production -  Done

Publishing and distribution - Done



Promotion music video realization- to be completed

Mix and master of the tracks- to be completed

CD press- to be completed 



A concert premiering the LP material in January of 2017


30 000 PLN(about 8 000 USD) is more or less, but rather more the cost of this honorable endeavor. 12 000 PLN (So that’s 3 500 USD) is the sum we wish to gather through PolakPotrafi and which we shall designate to cover the Mix Master as well as press. 18 000 is the amount which we were able to save for this just cause to pay for recording, video clip, graphic projects, logistics, general project as well as constructing and enabling the web site. 

The Warsaw mix and master crew AS One will be reponsible for picking through our material with the project manager Mariusz Dziurawiec, who also happens to be the recipient of this year’s prestigious Polish music award „Fryderyk”.  

When the project succeeds, as we believe it should, an should we gather a greater sum than the one we set out for, the band plans to record another video clip for the second single. The optional additional project has already been outlined and there is a green light for high quality production on a professional level. Should the project exceed all our humble expectations and reaches 25,000 zł (approximately $8000) then all as one band we shall fly over the Ocean to a Festival (to which we have received an invitation in May/June 2017) of which details will be revealed given the bar is surpassed. 

Crowdfunding is a nearly ideal form of obtaining funds. In a sense it allows to unite over the barriers, physical and ideological through honest discussion and completely good free will. We do not have to be an addition to a product, and you can become a co-creator of widely understood culture, presenting us with a part of yourself. 



donation without a prize 


an official ‘thank you post’ on our facebook profile

adressed with your full name :_) 


official „thanks” on fb and our website 


a ‘thank you’ certificat 


a personal thanks in the cd booklet 


full name ‘thanks’ in the cd booklet + a digital pre-premiere track 


full name ‘thanks’ in the cd booklet + a digital pre-premiere track 

a ‘thank you’ certificate 


a special ‘thanks’ on the url page with a picture of the donor

full name ‘thanks’ in the cd booklet + a digital pre-premiere track

two digital pre-premiere tracks 


official „thanks” on fb and our website

two digital pre-premiere tracks

a photograph from a promotion shoot along with a certificate and autographs 


official „thanks” on fb and our website

two digital pre-premiere tracks

an invitiation to one of our magical rehearsals 

PRIZE FOR 75 PLN or more  

we’re counting on your creativity, that is you get to choose three of the prizes listed above

you will be invited to one of our rehearsals and some play afterwards 

PRIZE FOR 100 PLN or more  

again, as above, show us your creative spirit and choose 4 of the prizes listed above

an invitation to our rehearsal one hour workshop with an instrument of your choice(from those we play)

one hour workshop on band how-to? 

PRIZE FOR 150 PLN or more  

a limited edition django’s tript-shirt for you

an invitation to the concert of your choice

a personal delivery cd

one of the prizes above 

PRIZE FOR 200 PLN or more  

an official invitiation to the premiere concert and a special „4 you set” which includes a limited edition t-shirt

cd personally delivered to you

backstage invitation

post-concert integration , as in celebrating along with us

additionally two of the above prizes 

PRIZE FOR 300 PLN or more  

two hour conversation with our american Natalia

special „4 you set” 

autographed cd 

PRIZE FOR 500 PLN or more  

intergrational event in july/august of this year with many attractions and possibility to bed, breakfast at our cost

an acoustic concert during the event 

PRIZE FOR 750 PLN or more  

workshop on organization and marketing

intergrational event in july/august of this year with many attractions and possibility to bed, breakfast at our cost

a recording studio invite during one of our sessions

all day workshop on classical and electric guitar 

PRIZE FOR 1000 PLN or more  

an acoustic concert for you

produced in a style of your choice

intergrational event in july/august of this year with many attractions and possibility to bed, breakfast at our cost 

PRIZE FOR 1500 PLN or more  

we will carry you in our arms

we will realisticly make your dream come true individual workshop of your desire(percussion, guitar, keyboard, music production, stage technique, saxophone, trumpet, trambone, percussion instruments)

a face2fce or video chat with our one and only Natalia

tracks produced just for you in your style of choice 

PRIZE FOR 2500 PLN or more  

a smooch on a cheek from Angelika(drums) and Natalia (voc)

full band concert 100 percent live, and event up to 100 guests (the cost of bands travel at the expense of the donor) 

PRIZE FOR 3500 PLN or more  

coffee with the band before a concert django’s trip concert at your location for up to 150 people with all costs covered

workshop for you and your friends

general integration 

PRIZE FOR 5000 PLN or more  

you will be invited to join us at home ,that is among the mountains and lakes , and properly courted in a low- running highlander tradition in this category you receive workshops, events, integration, concert and others at our cost 

PRIZE FOR 10000 PLN or more  

a VIP package

anything you want of the prizes listed above

we shall take you to the united states on a one week

tour with us in 2017 between may and june





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Model finansowania: "wszystko albo nic"

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