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Aplikacja ONSTAGE

Aplikacja ONSTAGE

Warsaw, Poland


Tworzymy ONSTAGE - pierwszą na świecie apkę, z której można korzystać na koncertach i różnych innych wydarzeniach artystycznych / sportowych - żeby z bliska i w czasie rzeczywistym przyglądać się temu, co dzieje się na scenie.

Zmieniaj z nami sposób, w jaki możesz uczestniczyć w kulturze!

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Aplikacja ONSTAGE jedzie na SXSW

O projekcie


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Support the presentation of ONSTAGE at SXSW!



We’ve been selected to present the ONSTAGE app at the prestigious SXSW Trade Show in Texas.

We are among nine selected startups from Poland. There is not much time left (the show is in March) – and we need your help!


We have spent the last year working on ONSTAGE – the first app to be used during concerts and other artistic/ sports event to observe what is happening on stage from up close.



How does it work?

With the app you can:

– watch virtuoso performances and the artists’ emotions from up close

– learn more about the program and performers

– contact the artists directly (!) and share your thoughts and impressions

What is more (and what we found most surprising), it turns out that members of the audience are very eager to use the chat option to talk with each other. We bring people together! :)


The ONSTAGE premiere took place at the Warsaw Philharmonic in Poland, on November 16th, 2017. And what's more – it did make sense to bring your smartphone to a classical music venue.


What now?

To develop ONSTAGE and make it available in many venues around the world (and always free of charge for audiences), we need to show the app to the world. We have been chosen to present ONSTAGE at the prestigious SXSW Trade Show in Texas. But we need your help to get there!



– More than 300 000 visitors

– Festival of newest trends in music, multimedia and culture

– A showcase of innovations “we will be using in 5 years”

– At its root is "sharing” music (exactly what ONSTAGE does)

– Previous editions hosted Barack Obama, Tilda Swinton, Lady Gaga, the cast of the Game of Thrones, Edward Snowden, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson (and more)


What we need

In order to get to the USA, we need to collect 13 500 PLN.The sum will cover plane tickets, accommodation and technical costs of the presentation.


Why support us?


– How many times have you sat so far from the stage that you couldn’t see anything on it?

– We oppose the idea that classical music is hermetic.

– ONSTAGE can be used not only in concert halls but also during festivals and sports events.

– There is no other solution like that in the world.


And if we collect more?

If we succeed in collecting more than 13 500 PLN, we will use the bonus to finance another concert in Poland during which the audience will be able to use ONSTAGE. We will randomly select 5 backers and offer them double invitations to the event (which will happen in autumn 2018).


Our team:

Marta, Karolina, Kasia, Jakub – the Julian Cochran Foundation. 



Thank you!